Rethinking Dessert

Founded by Lily Wang, rising senior at The Harvey School, OneB1te is the socially conscious food truck rethinking dessert.

OneB1te is a food truck serving up bite-sized desserts. Everything is a suggested $1 donation, making desserts accessible to those who don't normally get them. All proceeds benefit charity, and all leftovers are donated to underserved communities at the end of the day.

Hi, I’m Lily Wang! I love eating desserts, but I hate wasting them.  Because servings are usually so large, I'm stuck either overeating or throwing away good food.  The idea for OneB1te came to me one day when I was at the train station finishing the last bite of an ice cream that was WAY TOO BIG. It was delicious, but each bite after the first became more of a burden. My stomach was felt sick from the sweetness, throwing away food and money made me feel even sicker. Then I thought — what if every dessert is the size of one bite?!

The idea stuck with me (clearly, I think about dessert a LOT). Ok, fine – I wish this existed! But what could I do about it? I’d never really been much of a baker. So I talked to some teachers about it, and with their encouragement, I decided to give it a try. Worst thing that could happen is my friends would eat a few weird cookies.

I found out baking is hard!  I asked friends, family, and teachers for recipes, which were not always easy to make, and even harder to make miniature. I failed several times and often had to completely restart. But the moments of creativity and progress always kept me coming back to the kitchen each weekend.

All the hard work was worth it whenever it was tasting day. I’d bring the baking samples around my dorm to get feedback from my classmates and teachers. I got addicted to seeing people enjoy what I made, and to the creative process of making.  Soon, there were certain “favorites” that were almost starting to look like a menu: pastry cream tarts, cream puffs, eclaires, and mirror glaze cakes. 

I thought, "maybe one day, I’ll try opening a store." But this seemed like a distant dream. Renting a storefront is expensive and requires lots of advertising. After some research I thought of something: A food truck! Unlike a store that just sits there waiting for you to come to it, a food truck goes to you. A food truck is exactly what a new business owner like me needed to get started. And there you have it - OneB1te was born!